T-Shirts From Glastonbury Festival ’07


Glastonbury Festival is like a combination of woodstock and burning man… but much wetter. Anyway, I was lucky enough to go this year and had a blast. I don’t have a lot of time to write a lot about it but I thought I’d post some t-shirts I saw and snapped there.

This was Billy Brag, he was brilliant and his t-shirt was super simple, it just said “read”, probably one of the most memorable performances for me.

Say no more

This was great, it reads “Bluetooth Johnson”, kind of a modern version of “remember billy only retards wear their collars up”

and this little lebowski urban achiever was surving us some delicious Brothers Pear Cider, 7% ABV – Festival strength

Yours truly in a “your empire needs you” t-shirt, one of my favorite recent acquisitions

and you might recognize this t-shirt from the justice dance video

I think most of these designs were ripped off from some other designers, I saw lots of threadless rip offs (obviously flowers in the attic and the dark side of the garden) as well getting sold in various stores, a real shame, I actually got chased out of one of the stores because I was photographing some stolen threadless designs





You can see all my photo’s from Glastonbury here, cheers.

6 Responses to “T-Shirts From Glastonbury Festival ’07”

  1. franko says:

    nice photos. bummer about the threadless ripoffs — i wish people had more respect for the little designers out there.

  2. Andy says:

    The Bluetooth Johnson tee is by Local Celebrity:


    Brothers do a Strawberry cider as well, its so sweet that itspractically syrup.

  3. karl says:

    Nice, thanks Andy! Yeah I tried the strawberry cider and the lemon, but my fav was the pear because the strawberry and lemon are both 6.3% ABV :-)

  4. Steve says:

    Excellent photos, everyone I’ve spoken to had a great time this year, best Glasto for ages. I don’t understand why anyone would rip off someone elses design, it’s thievery of the lowest kind.

    Well I do ‘understand’ it’s about making money but it’s dirty, dirty money. Top posting as always, who was the guy in the DANCE tee? Was he told of his impending celebrity?

  5. Philip Shade says:

    I had a friend come back from England so very proud of his rip-off Dark Side of the Garden shirt.

    He probably spent more than $30 on it. Never had the heart to tell him he coulda picked it up from Threadless for a fraction.

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