T-shirts for your inner nerd from mini cassette tees

209model pic Crop

Just got an email from Danny Miller about his new t-shirt company called Mini Cassette Tees. Nice to find some more original ideas, well executed. I’m a sucker for anything Robo Cop related, the 209 on a shirt says you are clearly a person of taste and sophistication.

The Walker Model pic Crop

And of course the obligatory walker t-shirt :-)

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  1. oasagan says:

    Nice shirts. The 209 one looks quite familiar though. Similar to the PIMP209 on orange alexander, which has been out since March. Oh well. Just shows that a nice small company can get ignored by even those who love t-shirts. I’ll give up soon, I guess.


  2. karl says:

    I think the only similarity is the inclusion of a 209 :-)

    I’m not sure i’m understanding your marketing message though:

    “Just shows that a nice small company can get ignored by even those who love t-shirts. I’ll give up soon, I guess”

    Seems a little defeatist? is it some kind of clever reverse psychology?

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Robocop! Now that rocks. You don’t see many references to Robocop. Show you’re a nerd, get a t-shirt with an old sci-fi reference! I love it.

  4. John Ryan says:

    Be careful of ordering products from minicassettes. The tees look great, but I've been waiting since May 2008 (8 months) for my t-shirt. I've contacted Danny from Minicassettes several times – each time he says he'll send the t-shirt. STILL nothing. Be careful. These people are likely to rip you off.

    I payed via PayPal, but there seems to be no way to get a refund.

    Email from Danny dated 13 September:

    Your shirt has been sent and should be there shortly. Please for any questions please email to danny@minicassettetees.com


    Email from Danny dated 31 October:

    Sorry for the complecation of your order we will refund your order and still resend your t-shirt out.


    STILL nothing. I've given up contacting them, and am warning others who might be interested. Stay clear of these people.

    John Ryan
    Melbourne, Australia

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