T-shirts for fans of cult, horror, spaghetti western, and blacksploitation

strange vice

Strangevice.com has a line of t-shirts that are brilliant in concept, and seem sort of ok in execution :-) The pictures they have on their site are not real t-shirts and the designs tend to be a little small in relation to the shirt. That being said, maybe their better in the “flesh” so to speak. I still applaud the concepts. From top left to bottom right:

2 Responses to “T-shirts for fans of cult, horror, spaghetti western, and blacksploitation”

  1. rosary says:

    i bought a shirt from this store, and it was poorly printed vinyl on cotton. not recommended.

  2. karl says:

    That sucks Rosary, sorry to hear that. Thanks for posting the review though, hopefully that will help people in the future make a decision.

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