T-Shirts For Expectant Mothers

Lovebabu.com is a maternity store in the UK with a wonderful approach to maternity wear. Their imaginative t-shirts demonstrate a wonderful sense of humor and fun, I love there designs.

Crafted from a super stretchy blend of cotton & lycra – BABU t-shirts are sure to grow on you…
Conceived with Love & Made in the UK, they are the perfect gift for Mums to Be.

My favorite is the “chicken or the egg

Tip of the Hat – Teees.com

5 Responses to “T-Shirts For Expectant Mothers”

  1. Sasha Manuel says:

    My bestfriend will love this! =)

  2. karl says:

    They are so cool aren’t they. All I need to do is get someone pregnant, then I have the perfect shirt for them :-)

  3. [...] I know it’s a little late but going through old emails led me to this post at tcritic.com and it automatically reminded me of my bestfriend, Mel, who’s giving birth *any day now*. Heeheehee. But I’m sure she’d still appreciate the cute-ness of the designs, especially how it seems to highlight the tummy, and how it suits all mums-to-be. [...]

  4. Sasha Manuel says:

    I wonder who’ll let you. Heehee. Imagine — just for a shirt! ;)

  5. Medela says:

    Wow! I love the design, we are planning for a kid next year, I would definitely like to buy these t-shirts at that time, thanks for the heads up!

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