T-Shirt Wishes and caviar dreams

I don’t know why I came up with that headline, but here’s a story of a girl that doesn’t want to get hit by any more cars so she’s selling t-shirts to try and raise some funds so she can join the LA car race. Meet Karen, she currently rides a bike to work in LA and has been hit twice so she created a T-Shirt that says “I don’t want to die on the streets of LA”

I Dont Want to die

Admittedly these are cafepress shirts which are not quality screenprints, but I can dig the concept, I ride a bike to work as well.

Anyway, on to the wishes part of this story (hence the headline), have you ever heard of the Robin Hood Fund? It’s a site where you can post a “wish” and people will vote on your wishes, sometimes contributing a bit of money, and at the end of the month they tally up the votes and make some wishes come true. Pretty sweet, kind of like Digg for wishes. Anyway, check out Karens page on the Robin Hood Fund and if you are so inclined vote. Skeptical? Well this guy got 10,000 for video equipment based on this video wish, which is hysterical (in a very twisted dry kind of way).

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4 Responses to “T-Shirt Wishes and caviar dreams”

  1. i cant get behind this. I’ve been car free my whole life, and have been hit by cars 3 times (including a hit and run that required hospitalization and destroyed my bicycle) and I’m still riding. I’m not buying a t shirt to get yet another death machine out on there. Stick with your morals, Karen, 2>4.

  2. Karen Kane says:

    I wish I could agree that is a moral issue but the reality is its a safety issue. And its bigger than bicyclists taking a stand, it has to do with the infrastructure of our streets and the fact that just by putting a white line on the rode saying bike lane does nothing because cars use that lane to take right turns and there are cars parked on the streets and people opening doors. It is a very complicated and layered problem and I am not willing to risk my life for it.

  3. Philip Shade says:

    Meant to voe that as a 3 not 2.

    I get it, like it, but the design just isn’t making me real excited.

  4. [...] Remember Karen with her T-Shirt I don’t want to die on the streets of LA? Well she had emailed me about her t-shirt and her story, and on my advice she took her story to the robin hood fund and guess what, she’s getting $4,000 to get a car. Wish granted! Now all she needs to do is drive up to san francisco in her sweet ride and buy me a beer. [...]

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