T-Shirt for people that have to be First! by BustedTees

For all you people that have to be the first to comment this is the t-shirt for you :-) Comes in mens and womens.

In this case the first commenter gets a $25 Threadless Gift Certificate :-)

first detail

11 Responses to “T-Shirt for people that have to be First! by BustedTees”

  1. Jamie says:


  2. phil says:


  3. karl says:

    Lol, that didn’t take long, congrats Jamie, Threadless cert is on the way!

  4. Charlie says:

    Fourth! … wha…. third? lol

  5. Derek says:

    like the idea!

  6. That is a great shirt. I like it

  7. ismail says:

    haha nice one… when you think about it… everyone alive today…

    Is a winner, (We all won the first race) .

  8. Derek says:

    you’re right ismail we are all the first ones to make it!

  9. karmel says:

    :D Cool Tshirt!!

  10. Ed says:

    My favourite shirt so far is this one from Geek Vogue

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