T-Shirt Cannon – The Sabre Semi Automatic Bleacher Reacher

bleacher reacher

OMG, I can’t look at this thing without thinking of the Simpsons episode where Maude Flanders is killed by a t-shirt cannon, I wonder if it was this model?

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6 Responses to “T-Shirt Cannon – The Sabre Semi Automatic Bleacher Reacher”

  1. Screw tShirts… I bet this thing could fire a potato about a mile and a half. Can you imagine this being used to control riots? That’s way better than using rubber bullets or tier gas. The cops would be laughing too hard to care about the riot :)

    These guys should put a video of this thing in action on youTube. Better yet, send Karl one and let him make the video :)

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  3. Wow, did you not see The Deuce?!?!


    Shoulder slung, two air cannisters, over 400 feet.

    That bad boy was the Maude killer.

    The Sabre Semi is a mere pea shooter!

  4. karl says:

    haha, I missed the Deuce Anthony, your right that bad boy does look like a Maude killer for sure :-)

    They need a new tag line, something like:

    “when you absolutely, positively have to kill Maude Flanders”

  5. Matthew says:

    That is quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. :)

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