T-Shirt a day Obama Advent Calendar from neighborhoodies

neighborhoodies has just put up an Advent calender with a different Obama T-Shirt on sale every day until election day :-) Great idea guys, I found out about this via their twitter feed so check them out at twitter.com/neighborhoodies and me at twitter.com/karllong

5 Responses to “T-Shirt a day Obama Advent Calendar from neighborhoodies”

  1. twoeightnine says:

    Too bad today's shirt is a bad knockoff of an awesome Sons of Liberty shirt.

  2. karllong says:

    you are right, I think I mentioned them in my top ten post :-) thanks for pointing it out.

  3. twoeightnine says:

    True but even the one you linked to is a knock-off. The SOL one says “IS THE” instead of “TO THE”. I'm pretty sure the SOL one is the original, it's been out nearly since he announced his run and has been Karmaloop's #1 seller for months.

  4. karllong says:

    shit, really, i'll change that now :-)

  5. that is a pretty cool obama t shirt
    also check out this site with cool vintage clothing:

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