Super Awesome Bar Tender (San Francisco)

Super Awesome Bar Tender
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Ok, so the whole Italia thing is obviously a popular T-shirt after the world cup, but the reason for this photo is to honor a super awesome bar tender in San Francisco who gave me and my friend Paul a tonne of local information about where the cool places are to hang out, and i’m going to share that here :-) (i’m transcribing here notes on a guest check so I might have misinterpreted some stuff)

Area: Cow Hollow/Mamna
1. Mauna Loa (also has a fooseball table)*
2. City Tavern*
3. Kellys
4. Eastside West
*Fillmore @ Greenwich & Union

Lower Polk
1. R Bar*
2. Element
3. Holy Grail
4. Lava Lounge
5. Hemlock*
*Polk & Sutter/Post/Geary

North Beach
1. Giordano Bros (super cool sort of bar/diner, great sandwiches and amazing staff)
2. Columbus Cafe
3. Tony Niks
4. Tosca
5. Romolo
Streets columbus/Broadway
Green/St Ocilton

San Francisco Tour Guide 1

San Francisco Tour Guide 2



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  1. Emilio says:

    Good list; only one thing you should know. It’s Cow Hollow/Marina, not Mamna!!!

  2. karl says:

    Oh sweet, thanks for the note :-)

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