Steampunk Space Invaders

Steampunk Invader

Steampunk seems to have been on everybody’s mind for the last year or so so I though it appropriate to highlight a somewhat Steampunkish spaceinvader t-shirt, and where folks are talking about Steampunk. Anyone else seen any Steampunk related t-shirts? let me know :-)

from Steampunk Nerf Guns via BoingBoing

01 Rnaf 1 01
to Steampunk Lego, again from BoingBoing (I have a feeling their getting obsessed)

Wkb 01
to steampunk LCD and keyboard from Steampunk workshop

Steampunk Treehouse
to the Steampunk treehouse via Laughing Squid

4 Responses to “Steampunk Space Invaders”

  1. Why did they have to print this great design on a bright orange shirt? I’d probably have picked one up if it was on a dull green, blue, gray, etc. -_-

  2. Sjors says:

    I also like Steampunk, happy to see you extra attention for it. I searched a bit too, but there seems to be no real Steampunk shirt brand :) Some of those come in the right direction though:

  3. Jaleeb Caru says:

    They have a light blue one too, which I prefer.

  4. Mingled says:

    You can’t have too much steampunk. Oh for an alternative Victorian age.

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