Steampunk R2D2 T-Shirt from Redbubble

Very funny t-shirt from Redbubble, although it seems to have been taken down :-( Here’s the link, it was working this morning. Anyway, I think the idea was fun, i’d love to see more Star Wars Steampunk :-)

Although I don’t think anyone is as big a fan of Steampunk as Merlin Mann (seriously, no one deserves a name that good):

Steampunk DIY from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

For more of Merlin check out the very funny and very dry podcast You Look Nice Today.

2 Responses to “Steampunk R2D2 T-Shirt from Redbubble”

  1. Rude Retro says:

    That is a great design.

  2. Adam says:

    that’s awesome. shame it got taken down. any ideas why?

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