Star Wars Election ’08

When I first saw these Star Wars Election ’08 T-shirts on Zazzle I wondered who was going to get their ass sued off by Lucas Film, until I noticed that the store was an official Lucas Film store, and there are others like this Clone Wars store, and this classic Star Wars store. So it would seem over the last few months come pretty big companies have woken up to the wonder of print on demand like my recent story on CNN printing headlines on shirts (which was Spreadshirt BTW).

It seems that Zazzle that I used to put in the same category as Cafe Press is demonstrating quite a distinct strategy aiming for big deals like merchandise for Myspace, Lucas Film and Disney as opposed to catering exclusively to mom and pops. Probably a very smart move from a business standpoint especially when you think about the marketing reach of really big properties.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but the quality of the printing from Zazzle is still pretty hit or miss. It’s hard to tell without having a finished shirt in front of you if the design will look good on a particular style of shirt. I just bought my four year old something from them, and the design looks pretty washed out.

  2. Karmel says:

    Would love to get some start wars t shirts!


  3. Kevin says:

    I’ve seen these designs a lot recently. I’m really glad that Lucas Films is doing them; I think they’re awesome. They’re definitely going to be a big hit this season

  4. Hate to say it, but Cafepress has been a partner with some big names for quite a while as well. Two I can think of off the top of my head include the Snoopy Store and Roddenberry@cafepress which have been both been around for over a year (possibly a few).

  5. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i want 2 see the more shirts .yah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. [...] Getting a little tired of the election-season political news?  Inject some humor into this election in the nerdiest way possible– with Star Wars Election T-shirts.  While we don’t know who we’d choose above, we think Chewbacca would make a good Secretary of Defense.  But where’s Obi Wan?  We want young(er) Obi Wan, not the “these are not the droids you’re lookin for” Obi Wan.  We think the wise, experienced and gifted Obi would be a great front-runner.  We can see the slogans now: “Vote Obi Wan: a Force You Can Believe In”. [thanks t-critic] [...]

  16. jazmine says:

    I've been a lucas fan from the start. love it all!!!

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