Star Wars & Boba Fett Hoodies 2.0 FTW!

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 6.52.57 PM

Holy Shit! WANT!

I wrote about round 1 of the Star Wars hoodies last year in September and now a year later Marc Ecko has taken them up a notch. Last time only the Stormtrooper hoodie could be zipped up to turn into a mask, and now there’s Darth Vader and my favorite, Boba Fett (oh let me count the ways I love the Boba Fett hoodie as I have last years model). The Boba Fett version I like the best because it actually looks like a sort of cool hoodie anyway with the hood down, but when you put it up people immediately recognize it if they have the star wars gene :)

You can buy them from Hoodiepeople where I found them.

I’ll post a picture later of the original Boba Fett one I got, it ran very big last year and the large swamped me so if your borderline you might start with a medium.

Oh and bonus material, Steam Punk Boba Fett via


8 Responses to “Star Wars & Boba Fett Hoodies 2.0 FTW!”

  1. skatimmy737 says:

    This hoodie gives non-academic people a reason to wear a backpack at all times.

  2. Feistees says:

    I featured the first round hoodie last year as well on one of my sites. My only question now with the new edition is, can you actually see out of it when it’s zipped up?

  3. They shoud Soooo do a The Scream style one too..

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  5. When i had the zip up hoodie from last year when i zipped it up i felt totally blind. Hopefully they fixed that this time around. I cant wait to get the Vader hoodie its going to be awesome

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  7. Mitchell Stuart95 says:

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen

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