Some Great T-Shirts From Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay always do a good job of putting their artists front and center, and they produce some really distinctive designs.

Dragon by aya Kato

This Aya Kato design features a cowering yet deadly ninja-geisha retreating behind her fan/umbrella and protected by her pet dragon which bleeds off the bottom of the shirt.

No idea what a Ninja-Geisha is but it sounds hot, and potentially deadly. Anyway, love the colors used on this shirt especially the red and black.

Friends With you

The Friends With You T-shirt is a fantastic design, so many things going on, so many things hiding in the design. It’s incredibly difficult IMHO to have so many things together in a way that looks good, that really is a huge graphic design challenge that they’ve solved beautifully.

3 Responses to “Some Great T-Shirts From Beautiful Decay”

  1. Bummer the aya kato one is out of stock, I would definitely buy that.

  2. Scammer Wear says:

    Wow, the Aya Kato design is really inspiration, very interesting mix of influences from east and west. I like it!

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