Some Excellent Halo T-Shirts

Spartan Bootcamp

If you or someone you love is into Halo then here are three t-shirts that you have to check out. First off, “I survived sparten bootcamp” will only be recognized by other Halo aware players, it’s a kind of secret wink t-shirt that will assure you will be able to connect with other nerds. The “stuck” t-shirt is a similar secret wink t-shirt, and chronicles the hysterical moment when someone gets a plasma grenade stuck to the back of their head, and all their buddys can do is look on and wait for the unaware player to blow up :-)


The Dangerous in First Person t-shirt is potentially a little broader in it’s appeal. A lovely play on words, reminisant of such warnings as “objects in mirror are close than they appear” or “does not play well with others”.

Dangerous in First Person

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  1. Philip Shade says:

    I’m not much of a HALO player, but those are some darn well done shirts

  2. I love HALO. It is nice to see people representing them in public!

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