She’s My Rushmore


Sorry I havn’t posted in a couple of days, i’ve actually been sick with the flu for the last few days. Anyway, I did have to post about this shirt that Max Fischer was kind enough to send me along with perfect attendance and punctuality pins and a sticker that says “I saved latin.”. A great tribute to a brilliant film, if you haven’t seen Rushmore get it in your netflix queue and enjoy. The Official Uniform T-Shirt (1st Edition) is actually on sale for $15 and printed on american apparel, so check it out.

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  1. She’s My Rushmore!…

    She’s My Rushmore!…

  2. jay@duds says:

    I love that shirt!

  3. ryan says:

    oh boy, thanks for the tip. i just scooped that one up. why hasn’t their page been updated in awhile? this shirt was unveiled last summer and they still have some of the 150 shirts left? what a travesty…

  4. [...] V??a: Tcritic Bookmark to:            Explora noticias de la misma categor??a: General [...]

  5. Michael says:

    WOW I have just discovered this site, How cool is it ? I think it is great, I am a very very small business …1 man band ! and this has inspired me so much, I love the comments that people are leaving. It is good to read about T-Shirts.
    I will be back for more :-)

    Many thanks

  6. [...] I got to see Rushmore again over Christmas, its such a great film. Its so ridiculously quotable, which I’ll prove now by not quoting anything in this post. T-critic featured this awesome Rushmore tshirt (the best bit is the perfect attendance and punctuality badges). Its on sale for $15 at the moment over at shesmyrushmore [...]

  7. travis says:

    wow.. i want this shirt soooooooooooo bad!!!!

    will it ever be available again?

  8. Katie says:

    Please, please, PLEASE make this available again. :(

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