SFist Custom T-Shirt for 5.99

Sfist Productimg Redux 01

Not sure how long this is going on for but the Neighborhoodies is selling the SFist T-shirt is going for $5.99 and includes custom text on the back of the shirt. Yes, it’ll be really easy to create a client# 9 shirt :-)

Also I will give a $25 Threadless gift certificate to the first person that posts the secret word to a comment here. The Secret Word will be contained in one of my twitter posts in the next hour (by 11 am PST) :-) (obviously you have to fill in the email field when leaving the comment for me to send you the certificate)

The secret word is “banana” and Cory won!

17 Responses to “SFist Custom T-Shirt for 5.99”

  1. Cory OBrien says:

    And the secret word is…Banana

  2. Andy says:



  3. Justin Dean says:

    Secret Word is banana. About damn time too…I’ve had to really pee for 40 minutes now.

  4. Justin Dean says:

    Or Banana if you get cute with me on capitolization.

  5. DaveCapp says:

    Secret Word: banana

  6. Andre says:

    Do I also get a free banana? This is important.

  7. Peter says:


    family guy reference?

  8. Travis says:

    Banana! Peanut butter jelly time. FTW!

  9. daniel says:


  10. Travis says:

    Damn. I have to pee too AND it’s my birthday (but that’s a secret).

  11. karl says:

    Lol, thanks for playing guys. Yes I was thinking of the family guy when I was writing this :-) I plan on doing this a lot more over the next month or so stay tuned.

  12. [...] Hey everyone, i’m having a little competition over the next month where I am going to give away a total of 21 threadless $25 gift certificates. Basically every day or so I will post a secret word in one of my blog posts on Tcritic like this: the secret word is “banana” and the first person to make a comment on that post with the secret word will win the gift certificate (providing you fill in a proper email address in the field when you leave the comment). See this post for example. [...]

  13. christine says:

    actually, neighborhoodies is selling its gothamist, la-ist, AND sf-ist shirts for $5.99. that’s really cheap for a shirt, let along a shirt that you can customize! i just bought and received several for myself and some friends. hot.

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