Sex On A Stick T-Shirt


Mmmmm, great design, and a cool graphic. I just found out about the company Individualtee and they’ve got some great stuff. One thing that’s unusual for a t-shirt store is how many localized web stores they’ve set up, quite impressive.


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  1. Miles says:

    yeah that’s one of the better spreadshirt shops I’ve seen.

    Taking advantage of spreadshirt’s ability to offer their store in different languages is pretty smart and the graphics are sharp.


  2. [...] Another nice design from (I wrote about them once before about Sex On a Stick which was smoking hot They really have got some great designs, and considering the company was started by two guys in two different countries via email, it looks a damn site better than most, and with a lot more original designs. As usual my only complaint is i there are no permalinks/deep-links for any of the designs, which is frustrating if your trying to link to favorites. [...]

  3. sex toys says:

    great post thanks!

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