Say Anything Lloyd Dobler T-shirt from Etsy


Say Anything Lloyd Dobler Tshirt from Etsy.

“in your eyes!”

Find out more about say anything on wikipedia, they even mention the recent Colbert/Stewart bit where

Jon Stewart told Colbert that there was not enough time to finish the segment. Moments later, the camera cuts to Colbert screaming and holding up a stereo with “In Your Eyes” playing.

Now that’s a cutting edge encyclopedia!

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  1. [...] It’s called the “in your ipod” t-shirt from the cottonfactory on sale for 10 bucks. The t-shirt is an idea that appeals to me as someone that grew up during the 80’s. I have one other “say anything” related shirt I found on Etsy a while ago that I posted about here. I guess i’m going to need a category for either say anything or John Cusack           0 Vote Filed under: T-Shirts   |   Tags: No Tags. [...]

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