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Design by Humans is having a blow out sale with their excellent shirts from $12 to $14 to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. It must have been an amazing year for them. I’m sure when they said they were going to do an ongoing t-shirt competition similar to threadless i’m sure the response was why? and good f’ing luck! Well they have made their mark, have put out some great designs, and IMHO the most important thing they did was put some pressure on the whole T-Shirt competition industry to pay their artists more money. I wrote a bit of a blurb about them about a year ago where I highlighted their printing options and commission structure both of which were important differentiators.

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I have this shirt which uses gel inks and has an appliqué pocket as well, $12 but only in XL and XXL.
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  1. derek says:

    Kool stuff and good prices too!

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