Run Forest Run – Brazilian T-Shirts from Camiseteria

Awesome t-shirts from Brazil (i think), i’m not sure but they seem to be a kind of Brazilian Threadless that enables voting on t-shirt designs and encourages people to submit designs. Anyway, I love this one, even more poignant coming from South America.

I wonder how much it costs to get them shipped to the states?

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  1. Adam says:

    On the Camiseteria site blog, the owner says he had a friend here in the States who 2 years ago won a competition on Threadless. When he came back to Brazil, he told his friend (the owner) and they began working on it. The only difference between Threadless and Camiseteria is the latter has better looking female models.

    Germany also has one called

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  3. Ricardo says:

    Another great site from Brasil is La Ditta camisetas. They don’t run a contest to vote on t-shirts but they have very nice models!

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