RubyRags – Ruby on Rails T-Shirts Hand Screened in US

RubyRags is a new line of t-shirts for both people who like jewelry and people who only like to write their code once. Actually it’s primarily for people who like to use Ruby on Rails to build super cool web applications (twitter was developed on Ruby on Rails) quickly and efficiently. Ruby Rags is actually a side project by a Boston based consulting company that specializes in Ruby on Rails development called (hmm, maybe they can help me rebuild T-shirt war)

If you are unfamiliar Ruby on Rails is a web development framework made famous by 37signals (who employs the inventor of Ruby on Rails) that enables you to build web applications very quickly and efficiently.

Ruby City

Anyway, enough about Ruby, what about the T-shirts. Well I think they stand apart from most super niche shirts in the fact that they are hand screen printed in the US on American Apparel and feature professionally executed designs. These are shirts you can wear and even people who don’t know Ruby from a hole in the head will appreciate them.

Super Ruby

The web site is a very Ruby like experience as well, with nice clean design, and cool voting features for upcoming shirts.

Oh and if you are a core contributer you get 10% off.

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  1. These are the nicest t shirts that I have ever seen being screen printed by hand. I wonder how hard of a process this is. I would assume it is not that easy but it would be cool to know. Awsome find.

  2. taddict says:

    ruby city design is very nice and i totally agree with dutch

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