RTFM people


This is genius, I love this shirt, it is so clever. From all-tribes.com, looks like their in europe, but the shipping is pretty reasonable and they seem to have their shit together.

On a related note the Communist Party Shirt I blogged about a while ago has been one of the most popular posts on the site, go revisit some classic tcritic :-)

BTW Kathy Sierrra has been writing some great stuff on her blog “creating passionate users” about how companies should approach creating manuals.



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  1. MAzu says:

    Hey, it was a design for Tee-shop Lafraise.com. I suppose that the designer did a reprint in another shop.

  2. [...] That’s No Spoon, I love this shirt, anyone that reads this blog knows I love Star Wars (the original at least, I hate Jar Jar). This is such a brilliant pun (I think it’s a pun), kind of like the RTFM shirt. Anyway, I’m glad to find out about Lucky Threads, I had not heard of them before and someone just dropped me an email, thanks. [...]

  3. [...] RTFM people at Tcritic – The Daily T-Shirt Blog Bookmark to: if (typeof window.Delicious == “undefined”) window.Delicious = {}; Delicious.BLOGBADGE_DEFAULT_CLASS = ‘delicious-blogbadge-line’; [...]

  4. [...] Somehow the juxtaposition of Chairman Mao and a modern expression of laughing your ass of (or rolling on the floor) for that matter really works on the ROFLMAO T-Shirt from dirtymicrobe . My other favorite shirt, and in fact one of my favorite T-shirts of all time is RTFM also featuring Chairman Mao, great stuff.           0 Vote Filed under: T-Shirts   |   Tags: No Tags. [...]

  5. [...] I was just “digging” around in tDigger and round this great t-shirt from Noisebot. It’s called “the cat says”, I much prefer my own title which is Chairman Meaow, which go along with my other t-shirts that feature Mao. See also RTFM (genius), The Communist Party, and ROFLMAO. [...]

  6. [...] expats in China? In Beijing, in Shanghai? Here are couple of my favorites made by other designers: RTFM LMAO Communist Party Though it doesn’t have to be all about the communist party, or all about Mao, [...]

  7. shahid says:

    I would have enjoyed it much more if there was a bigger focus on the people but anyway,
    this artwork is brilliant.I love it………….

    IT provider

  8. Discount says:

    Hey, it was a design for Tee-shop Lafraise.com. I suppose that the designer did a reprint in another shop.

  9. Really cute and funny!

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