RoboNice and RoboBad from

Robonice Large Large

robonice and robobad are like his ‘n’ hers robot t-shirts from a german streetware/community site called

Robobad 3 Large

Most his ‘n’ hers anything make me want to vomit, but somehow I could see this working for me and my future girlfriend where ever she may be hiding :-) Way cooler than those crazy jogging suits you see some people bimbling around in (bimbling is such a cool word, it means wandering but in a very uncool way).

Robonice Large

Robobad 2 Large

Anyway, on a side note i’ll be going offline for a few days when I head up to the Glastonbury festival on friday, prolly offline till monday. It’s going to be an amazing festival, and it looks like it’s going to be a muddy one judging from the weather already here. Hopefully we won’t end up like these poor bastards in 2005:


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  1. Andy says:

    So, I went to see Muse at Wembley last weekend, you’re going to Glasto this weekend, I wonder which tee blogger is going to a massive music event the weekend after that?

  2. karl says:

    Very funny Andy, I wonder? I hope I can do some t-shirt reportage while i’m there, i’m certainly taking my camera but it’s a crazy scene. I’m taking some cool t’s that I got off that justice music video recently :-) Oh, also I have tickets to see the white stripes at UC Berkley, CA in September :-) I managed to score 4 tickets

  3. drew says:

    Hey, that looks just like the wipeout in 98 Glasto. I do recall having a swim in a mudbath too. Thank the lord for Alcohol :P

  4. Clement says:

    The robot design is so cute! The last photo is scary…

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