I want to thank everyone who’s been emailing me pics of t-shirts, I’m getting to see some great t’s that I might not find tooling around on my own.

This one is from Christian at Alive Shirts, he is an illustrator/designer who sells t-shirts with his illustrations of endangered species on them, and gives 10% of the profits to the WWF (no not the wrestling, the World Wildlife Fund :-)

Not only is it a good cause, they are really great designs.

This one’s on the red panda .

The red panda resembles a raccoon in size and appearance. It lives in mountain forests with a bamboo understory. Red pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo. The red panda is found in a mountainous band from Nepal through northeastern India and Bhutan and into China, Laos and northern Myanmar. It is rare and continues to decline.The major threats to red pandas are loss and fragmentation of habitat due to deforestation and poaching for the pet and fur trades.

red panda T

Thanks Christian,



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