Real Vintage T-Shirts From Tiny Pony

Lou Reed

Wow, there are vintage T-Shirts and there are real vintage T-shirts, and Tiny Pony’s extensive collection of 500+ shirts certainly falls in the real category, with rock, pop culture, and sports themed t-shirts from the 70′s and 80′s. From a 1983 Def Leppard Pyromania t-shirt for $59 to Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal for $189 to a Pink Floyd t-shirt from the 70′s for $199 I could totally go broke here. Apart from Rock and Roll t-shirts they also have some awesome pop culture ones, I particularly like the wordprocessing shirt, the 1982 Atari Pac Man shirt, and the one I lust for more than any I think is the damn Star Wars T-shirt from 1977.

Def Leppard

pink floyd
Pink Floyd (album?)


Atari Pac Man from 1982

Star Wars from 1977

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  1. Jaleeb Caru says:

    I’m always watching this site to see if there’s anything I can justify paying that much for and I haven’t yet, but I will. This is the goods for real, if I wasn’t such a passionate collector I could probably sell them quite a few of my wares. Of course they’d all be size small.

  2. Benner-1 says:

    Hate to break this to you but for the most part Tiny Pony did not sell real vintage…hence the reason their account was suspended from eBay and their horrific feedback. They printed 75% of their own stock and passed it off as vintage – pretty much every vintage fiend in Cali knows about their operation.

  3. karl says:

    I’d be interested if you have any more information to back this up? I’ve checked their ebay feedback, and although not perfect, they have thousands of transactions that were rated positively, they have like a 97% positive.

    Anyone else have any experience here?

  4. Tiny Pony says:

    Tiny Pony is reborn!!!!!
    I think that a close inspection by anyone who knows about vintage will reveal that everything on our site is 100 % authentic. We were actually kicked off ebay for selling licensed tees like ferrari and porsche and heineken not for making bootlegs.

    Look carefully at the items, tags and im sure you will be convinced, anyone interested in seeing other shots i.e. stitching and even more close ups, I will be happy to provide.

    I stand by the Tiny Pony products all the way and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. I know you will love it

  5. AJ says:

    I have to agree with the other person who mentioned Tiny Pony as selling fakes. I bought a shirt of his on eBay and KNEW it was not real vintage because I do collect them and I’ve watched his auctions closely after I saw him list the same “vintage” shirt over 6 times the next month. If you patiently, and thorougly look back through the items he sold, you will see that he sold the same shirt tons of times. Same picture, same everything.

    I would see pictures of him selling items and he would have longer hair in one, shorter hair and facial hair in another and it was obvious he was just “recycling” old photos. Some photos of him he looked 3 years younger! How lazy and sloppy can you get! I guarantee that if you buy one of his shirts, you will see it right back up within a couple of months. Oh, and I’m 100% positive he gets his own tags made as well. Anyone can go get tags made…

    I can’t tell you how many times I saw him sell the same EXACT Marilyn Monroe, Lou Reed, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, Plasmatics, Transformers, Hulk, Doctor Outfit, Iron Maiden, Kinks, and hundreds more over a 2-3 year period. Many times, he’d have the same shirt listed 2-3 times in a week, week after week and sell them all.

    Even look at the Star Wars shirt he has listed on this site. (he may take the pic down after seeing this) You can tell from the print that it is not a transfer from the 80′s. There is no white, and the print is somewhat see through. That is what you get when you either print it via sublimation or a direct to garment printer that inkjets directly onto the shirt. The real Star Wars transfers came in a book, and they were the cheap, rubbery iron ons that cracked. Look at his picture, does that look like a rubbery iron on?

    Occasionaly, he had $8,000 days on eBay. He would put up a ton of real vintage shirts like San Francisco, St. Maareten, and other generic tees as filler to make him look more legit but his real money was made in selling stuff that he sold over, and over again, week after week.

    I HIGHLY suggest that Tcritic should take the time to investigate himself to see and take down this free plug to Tiny Phonie. It’s obvious he is selling fake garbage and trying to pass it off as real and he should not get away with it,especially on Tcritic.

    Thanks for reading!


  6. AJ says:

    I have to agree with the other person who mentioned Tiny Pony as selling fakes. I bought a shirt of his on eBay and KNEW it was not real vintage because I do collect them and I’ve watched his auctions closely after I saw him list the same “vintage” shirt over 6 times the next month. If you patiently, and thoroughly look back through the items he sold, you will see that he sold the same shirt tons of times. Same picture, same everything.

  7. Benner-1 says:

    AJ is 100% dead on with his reply. And Tiny Phonie is just that (that’s a great name BTW) Their ebay inventory was filled by their own screen printing operation. Yes a small quantity of true vintage, but it was merely to try to legitmize the rest of the shirts they were printing and passing off as vintage. Eventually they got greedy and started bootlegging anything that had any value and getting extremely slopped by printing on every color under the rainbow with no respect for the original item. These guys are flat out crooks. They made a fortune misleading people and should actually be in jail. They preyed upon the people that didn’t know anything about vintage and it was impossible to not come across them with an inventory of over 300 items always up. The ones who know vintage never shopped with them or left appropriate comments on their account viewable if you have the patience to investigate. “Reborn”? If what they have on their site is real then its the original they purchased in order to duplicate it. California for some reason is also bootleg capital of the world. I know people in LA who have had direct contact with these guys and they both know this is the 100% the truth, nice excuse with the “ferrari, heineken” give us a break guys. It has recently been suspected that they attempted to start another ebay operation called “totallyradvintage” that was also quickly suspended. Review the inventory you’ll see is its the exact same stuff.

  8. Tiny Pony says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to respond to some of the comments, most of which are absurd. Healthy discussions are valuable, and we respect the rights of responsible people to offer their candid opinions, whether we agree or not. Over time, however, online forums are increasingly subject to unfounded attacks by predatory competitors or their agents. Readers of this blog should weigh the facts and use their judgment.

    First, we recently became a California business, Tiny Pony, LLC. We are in this for the long haul and will build our business and our brand by maintaining our reputation as the best source for genuine vintage t-shirts and apparel. We’re currently in the process or re-doing our website and building our inventory and offerings.

    Now, let’s take a look at some of the comments made on the blog:

    Claiming that we “don’t sell real vintage” is a direct falsehood, as is any claim that there is anything on our website that is not truly vintage. (The comment that we “printed 75% of our stock” is utter nonsense. How could we have sold thousands and thousands of vintage items this way? Remember, our approval rating on eBay was 97.5%, and most of the remaining 2.5% were non-payers or international buyers who blamed us for overseas shipping times!)

    Just to be certain we’re right on this point, we’ve reviewed every single item on our site, and we’re glad to say we are confident each and every item is authentic, vintage goods – not “vintage style” or any other such term, but true vintage goods. By the way, we now have a multi-point exam we conduct on every single item we offer.

    As for “repeat offerings,” we’re glad to say that we DO, from time to time, make repeat offerings. Occasionally, they are goods from failed or returned previous offerings, but more often they are New Old Stock (or “NOS”). We are trusted business partners with many t-shirt sources, some of which occasionally offer vintage t-shirts that were, for one reason or another, never sold and found in a warehouse or back room. Indeed, NOS is a well-known factor in vintage goods.

    We want your business – and we know that means we must keep your trust.

  9. Benner-1 says:

    Sure boys a well scribed crock of poo poo! Maybe in the future don’t run around L.A. like a couple of pimps, boasting about the bucks you make from your fraudulent business.

    Hey do you guys have any vintage shirts that say, “Karma is a bitch”? If not it might be a good time to create them.

  10. Ike says:

    It seems like a couple of posters on this blog (probably the same person) are here to discredit tinyponyvintage. Their comments are totally false and malicious. I have purchase items from tinyponyvintage and have come to know the owners personally since they started selling on Ebay. These are a couple of young, very hardworking, honest young guys who truly enjoy the business they are into. I know where they live, I know where they get their products and I know how they conduct their business. There is no such thing as screen printing operation, no bootlegs nor copies. How they find all this rare t shirts is not an easy job but these guys work very hard to get them. Believe me, these two are truly respectable and are very trustworthy people. Without any hesitation, i would vouch for them anytime. I know where to give credits where credit is due. I have been an Ebay buyer and seller myself and I should know.

  11. Jason says:

    Total Scammers, bought an obviously fake GNR tour shirt from them, a reprint on some sort of American apparel style shirt. and they refused to take it back. 100% lying greedy fuckbags, I am gonna break this guys face if I ever run into him in LA. Don’t buy anything from them.

  12. tony says:

    tinypony is a rip off. I ordered three t-shirts off of there website and they never sent them too me. They took $145 away from a 18 year old kid. I tried emailing them and calling them ,but they never returned my calls. Anyone and everyone she boycott them for their scheme of ripping off young kids and people of all ages…..

  13. Derek says:

    Love the old skool t-shirts. Takes me way back to my childhood!

  14. Erica Wagner says:

    I have that Lou Reed t-shirt. It has “rock and roll animal” on the back and its a really great quality light t-shirt. My friend found 2 (TWO!) at a second hand joint here on PEI, Canada and bought them for $1 each, and gave me one for my birthday. Will always be my favorite t-shirt of all time.

    I can’t believe others exist!

  15. Jake says:

    Tiny pony makes reproductions of acutal vintage tees. What you see in the pic is not what you get. The seller is no longer registered on ebay because of this. I bought two shirts from tiny pony and received two shirts that weren't what was pictured. They are reproductions. Shame on tiny pony.

  16. Seth says:

    Jake is right. Tiny Pony sells reprinted shirts. He is also very rude. I have first hand experience with this guy being that I have been selling vintage clothes on Ebay for the last 6 years. If you want real vintage my seller name on Ebay is Spicoli4ever.

  17. John says:

    I have bought four vintage t-shirts from they are the truth and I have personally talked to the man before, yall are some haters for real…I mad there out of business maybe its because of yall haters…I have a vintage ET, Jethro Tull, and two basics tees that are alos authentic..

  18. James says: no longer seems to exist. Anyone know what happened to them?

    I bought five or six shirts from them and they were all 100% vintage. I’d love to get more if anyone knows how I can find them, I would appreciate it.


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  20. Katia says:

    I happen to have a vinatge Lou Reed Rock and Roll animal t shirt, and I am interested in selling it. Does anybody have any information where I can sell it?

  21. corey says:


  22. AJ says:

    Hey Corey

    Yeah, that is them for sure. I see some of his staples on that ebay account like the

    F*CK OFF shirt that you have to fold over to read it
    His Adam Ant
    His Chicago Bears
    His “1984″ Duran Duran
    His Jesse Jackson Rainbow
    His Madonna with the red background
    His Alf
    His Willie Nelson
    His David Bowie 78
    His Sex Pistols

    You’ll see them slowly get relisted after being sold, guaranteed.

    Do I have time on my hands? Yes lol. I now have to wonder where he’s getting all the expensive merchandise…

  23. Several of these comments on this post are junk, You might want to delete them.

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