Reader Request – Gardening Related T-shirts

Anyone got any suggestions?

I’m taking a gardening course. I’m far and away the youngest person in the class, and for the first several classes I wore T-shirts that, you know, said things, and it became a huge thing among the seniors in my class about “What does your shirt say today?” Now I feel obligated to wear a different shirt for every class.

For the end of the class, on the last day, I want to wear a Tshirt that’s got something funny about gardening or plants or something, but all I can find is Darth Vader doing hedgeclipping on Threadless. Does Tcritic have the answer?

From Laura

I thought this T-Shirt from Oddica called Karma might work, any other suggestions?


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  1. Kento Ikeda says:

    It’s not a gardening shirt per se, nor is it a clever kind of tee, but Susie Ghahremani’s “Finch Tree” print is classy and appeals to the same kind of person that gardening does. Well, and it has a tree. It comes in a variety of different forms of torso-wear, so this link will just take you to the apparel section of Susie Ghahremani’s store.

    On the sillier side of things, Natalie Dee used to have a tree-shirt (god, my puns are worse than my grandmother’s), but I just checked and it appears to be discontinued.

  2. mc says:

    That tee is awesome, as are the rest on oddica. Thanks.

    Oh, also, I’ve started my own tee blog now too.

    I think I will be putting this one up eventually. I’ll link to you when I do.

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