Reactee – Your T-Shirt Message + Text Message

Reactee is a company that enables you to create your own t-shirts with your own custom message on them, big deal, right? Except Reactee T-shirts also have a text message code on the shirt that people can text, and then get another message from you.

Obama 01

This is a great idea and there are lots of obvious ways that companies, bands, groups, politicians etc. can use this. I think there are probably a huge amount of interesting ways that people could use this for fun as well.

Like my Band

I actually think this is a feature that should be built into all good t-shirts, maybe a little less prominently. I’ve had loads of times people comment on my shirt and I’d love to say, well text this number on the label and the company will send you a discount code, how cool would that be.

Anyway, if you want updates from tcritic just follow the instructions on this t-shirt:
Tcritic Reactee

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10 Responses to “Reactee – Your T-Shirt Message + Text Message”

  1. Andy says:

    I dunno, I quite like the idea, but it does feel quite gimmicky.

  2. JunaD says:

    It is a great marketing idea, but I would’t get one. Probably because I am not into the whole texting thing.

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  4. Joe says:

    So, what kind of responses have you gotten to this shirt? Has anybody texted your code to them?

  5. karl says:

    I’ve had about half a dozen people text that number so far, all they got was a message about tcritic so it’s a little redundant at this point. Will be more interesting when i’m wearing it out.

  6. [...] Title: Reactee – Your T-Shirt Message + Text Message at Tcritic – The Daily T-Shirt Blog About T-Shirts – mobile – buzz – texting Stylehive BM 177233Tags: Description: I was reading tcritic today and found this great new company. Check out this cool DIY t-shirt from Reactee – Are you looking for an interactive t-shirt? At Reactee you can create a shirt by selecting a slogan, a keyword and a special message at the Reactee web site. You will have to give them your cell phone number so that they can activate it. Then when you wear the t-shirt and someone sees you and sends a you text message they will get your special text message on their phone. DIYers should love this. Might be a great way to advertise your special product or promote a special cause.more [...]

  7. Joe says:

    Heh… I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience!

  8. Philip Shade says:

    Man, the ide of assaulting anyone wearing one of those tees is sooooo appealing.

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