Rabbit Shadow Puppets T-Shirt

Who doesn’t have fond memories of shadow puppets growing up? These shadow puppet t-shirts work for me they work on a couple of different levels, apart from the fun childhood game, they also remind me of Plato’s Allegory of the cave. That is as humans life is like living in a cave and all we interpret in life is like projection onto a veil at the entrance to that cave. Do you want to step out of the cave :)

On a T-Shirt related note these are printed through a service called RedBubble which appears to be like cross between cafe press and DeviantArt :) It looks like a vibrant community with lots of comments on the designs etc. I’d be really interested if anyone has had experience with their quality etc. as I don’t have any shirts from them. I’m assuming they’re printed using DTG.

The designs are from Ruby Red Designs and you can check out the rest of their stuff here.

9 Responses to “Rabbit Shadow Puppets T-Shirt”

  1. Rob says:

    Liking the designs they have got on offer! ‘Lego Love’ is very good and funny!

  2. Reid Horton says:

    I use redbubble for some of my designs, and they are excellent. They use American Apparel shirts and everyone who has bought one of mine has been satisfied. They are sort of pricey ( if you want to make more than a dollar per shirt ), but they are high quality and the colors work well once printed.



  3. karl says:

    Good to hear Reid :)

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  5. Hari says:

    More colorful t-shirts with Tribal Art Designs – http://www.vibrantribes.com/design-tee.aspx

  6. mark says:

    I’ve been “on the bubble” for nearly 2 years with photography and t shirts, however have sold more tees. For anyone thinking about designing tees or just wanting to get some feedback its definately a good place to start, as it is quite an active community …so you can use it as a bit of a marketing test for your designs. Redbubble deal with all the actual printing, shipping etc too which is nice when your starting out with t shirts.
    The designs are digitally printed, but their machine is top quality, can do white ink on black tees and the results are pretty sharp. I’ve got a couple of rb tees which are about a year old and they have also stood up pretty well to the usual punishment a t shirt gets with washing and big nights out too!

  7. This was creative to put a shadow puppet on a shirt so u get the before and after affect of the imagery.

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  9. nancy says:

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