Priceless on Britney – Ironic T-Shirt Moment


I’m not a big celeb watcher but I couldn’t help posting this, as David Cross would say, southerners achieve a level of irony in t-shirts that few other groups could possibly achieve (if you haven’t heard David’s standup check out “shut up you fucking baby” it’s awesome). Anyway, the spears Priceless shirt is from Bejewled who use an amazing touched up version of the same photo on their product page, now that’s some tasty photoshop…

Priceless Bejewled

Found via the hysterical celeb breakup site I Don’t Like You In That Way

6 Responses to “Priceless on Britney – Ironic T-Shirt Moment”

  1. Torri says:

    Priceless is right! I could use this idea to pump up sales at our gift shop! We are looking for some new custom t-shirt ideas, and I always use to master our artwork!

  2. Britney is just…scary. I can’t think of a better word to describe it.

  3. john says:

    Britney is the only singer that make my heart beat faster, i love her so much, just look at baby one more time thats the spirit of this talent

  4. Kamala Boom says:

    I am obsessed with Britney, I love her.

  5. Seems like britney goes to the shopping mall every day – another set of photos in all the papers!

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