Portrait By Thomas Hawk – T-Shirt By Threadless
KarlKarl Hosted on Zooomr

The tshirt of course Funkilicious from Threadless

I had the pleasure yesterday to hang out with some very cool people yesterday, first at a Geek Dinner that included such folks as Robert Scoble, Hugh MacLeod, Mario Sundar, Jeremiah Owyang, Christopher Carfi. Then we went on to the birthday party of Kris Tate, who BTW was turning 19… did I mention he is the founder of a VC funded photo sharing site called Zooomr… pretty wild. Anyway, the photo was taken by Thomas Hawk who is the CEO of Zooomr, another cool guy, who I totally put my foot in my mouth with when he took the picture, I asked if he had a flickr account… ooops.

One other cool guy I met was Eddie Codel who is one of the video bloggers and producers behind Geek Entertainment TV and another video blog called Lunch Meet where they get together with geeks over lunch, he kindly offered to feature Tcritic in the future, i’ll keep you updated if I become internet famous.

internet famous

Some other pics from the evening:

Ben Metcalfe in his Digg T-shirt
ben metcalfe

and Meet Melisa in this off the shoulder modified threadless shirt, but i’m not sure which one
threadless shirt

11 Responses to “Portrait By Thomas Hawk – T-Shirt By Threadless”

  1. karl says:

    Dude you totally RAWK :-)

  2. Ben Metcalfe says:

    The lady in question is Mellisa. I have no idea what her last name is, but in good ol’ web2.0 tradition I think she just rolls as ‘Mellisa”.


  3. karl says:

    Sweet, thanks Ben, updated the post to reflect the good ladies name

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Hey Karl.

    Great meeting you and getting to know you. Totally dig the t-shirt blog. Very cool. I definitely need more t-shirts in my life. I think I only wear three right now regularly, a Blogger one, a Diggnation one and a Laughing Squid one. I definitely need to expand my t-shirt boundaries. Your blog should help.

    Anyways. Melissa as in Melissa Gira.


    opps, did I just link to my flickrstream. Hah.

    Thanks for blogging my Zooomr shot!

    See you around Pal.


  5. Lauren says:

    Hey, I sell a famous internet shirt too. Except mine says ‘Famous on the Internet’ in a Hollywood-esque font.


    I’ve always wanted to make more internety shirts, but start up capital is an issue. Ah well, I’ll make more as time goes on!

  6. Andy says:

    Wouldn’t it have been cool if Ben (the guy in the digg tee) had written THAT number next to the bit that says “I digg ____”

    Also, I think it’s cute that you think you have no internet notoriety despite having 3000 subscribers reading what you say every day, I’ve got nowhere near that and I’m constantly telling people I’m famous!

  7. Joe says:

    You’ll always be internet famous to me (both Karl and Andy).

  8. karl says:

    LOL @ Andy, nice, ok kind of internet famous, or at least T-shirt famous, but you sir are certainly hoodie famous :-)

    Joe, thanks man, you rock, and so does Fantastic Bonanza, when are we going to see some more designs?

  9. Joe says:

    Man, hopefully soon! As soon as we all get home from college we’ll be working up a storm to get things out.

  10. [...] El Creepo Gold (above) is one good example and at best it’s come out in affordable price of $12 per pieces (on sale); and other examples are what Karl wore here and here. Well, the list could go on, can you find one? Add to:                      [...]

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