Polyamory Is Wrong


Very funny T-Shirt that I found via Unreasonablefaith’s awesome blog about religion, science and skepticism – good combo.

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  1. skatimmy737 says:

    Any is joke is funnier when you don’t have to explain it.

  2. This t shirt is funny what about a cartoony figure to got with the funny slogan that would make the t shirt sell really well

  3. ShirtCritic says:

    Well golly gee I had to look that up on Wikipedia!
    –But now that I think of it, it is quirky and a good shirt. I agree with Custom t shirts above me; why not have a quirky professor sort of guy next to this, and have it written on a chalk board? Shirts with just text on them are regrettably bland.

  4. Shelly says:

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  5. SIMONE says:

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  6. carl says:

    just bought a very funny tshirt from stinkingpig.com

  7. tulip says:

    Poly people say they just want to “love more people”–bull…. Non-poly people already do that–love their parents, children, other family members, friends, etc. Poly’s are really talking about having sex w/ more than one person at a time.
    Now, I don’t have a problem w/ whatever two (or more) consenting adults do privately as long as their behavior is nonviolent, not expoitive, etc.,, and they fulfil their various obligations. “Poly” is a nice fanatasy–but difficult to achieve, if nothing else, just to scheule. I assume Poly people hook up w/ other Poly people. Just when do these folks have the free time to “hook up” w/ their new “friends”/sex partners. If a married/commited couple mutually agrees to “see other people” (just for “love” of course) or to expand their horizons, and other poly people also have a primary/secondary realtionship w/ their own schedules, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to “relate” for “love.” Somebody won’t see their kids on weekends, mow the lawn, go to church/temple, do volunteer work, read a book, etc. Nice fantasy for people who don’t have a “life”/obligaions otherwise.

  8. caoch outlet says:

    the shirt ever funny

  9. xenki says:

    really great tshirt thanks

  10. LegalCat says:

    I wonder if this T-shirt has ever been shown on television.

    (“Tele” = Greek, “far”; “vision” = from Latin “videre,” to see.)

  11. LegalCat says:

    By the way, @tulip, for someone whose knowledge of what poly people do is based, by your own admission, on an assumption, you sure do seem to know a lot about them. Besides your assumptions and the moral judgments you claim not to be making but in fact are, do you have any actual evidence that poly people are more likely to shirk their family obligations than anyone else? Hint: Google “deadbeat dad,” estimate how many of them there are in the country, and ask yourself how many of them are polyamorous.

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