Pitch Your Product Through Girl In Your Shirt.com

This is an absolutely brilliant idea, if you have a company with a product and a T-Shirt (or any swag really) you can work with GirlInYourShirt.com to get the word out. She is not just a pretty face either, she’s got some savvy about the interweb, and she’ll pitch your product through GirlInYourShirt.com Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Viddler, seesmic. This is obviously a paid service and i’ve no idea what they charge, but it could be a really cost effective way of getting the word out about something.

Who knew there was another business model for girl+webcam :-)

Oh and you can go and digg her here

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  1. Coty says:

    This is just like that other site, I Wear Your Shirt, except that she's doing it infinitely and charging $199 per day (Holidays cost more) whereas the I Wear Your Shirt guys is doing it for just a year and charging based on the day (i.e. Jan 1 = $1 and Dec 31 = $365).

  2. karllong says:

    Well, the I wear your shirt guy has a limited inventory and the price goes up as he has less days left. It's very similar to the http://www.onethousandpaintings.com , and believe it or not I know i've been pitched the concept of limited edition shirts being sold in this way as well. I think she shares it across a lot of social networks as well.

  3. bo says:

    this is pretty smart

  4. Jen says:

    She's cute and articulate and looks smart… win! Very cool business model :D

  5. I decided to digg her story from your link. I really like the concept. 200 bucks is a little hard to accept if you are a small t shirt site like myself but I bet she can really give you some backlinks with all the social promotion she does. It is amazing what people can do these days to stay away from the corporate life. My hat goes off to her.

  6. suki says:

    i need to come up with something like this… :P except i doubt i'd get that much traffic.

  7. Alyysa says:

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  8. Fairy says:

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  9. Dutch says:

    I work in an Office Space type environment all day and I bet she loves her job and gets paid nicely to do it. What a brilliant idea on her part.

  10. mario says:

    This is big time now. Before (check out her new offerings as this refers to the old model) she really didn’t have a strong business model (and iwearyourshirt is a complete joke), but this is really really big. The first time it was really cool to see her do this stuff, but I’m dumbstruck that she’s launched a 2.0 version of her service that is so well thought out. She’s hit some real sweet spots in terms of how companies want to spend their marketing dollars.

    Check this quick writeup: http://www.centernetworks.com/girlinyourshirt-tapinko-for-branded-sorority-parties

    This girl is going to be really BIG and VERY influential to have such ideas and to EXECUTE them at such a young age!!!!

    You go Girl!

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