Pink Mink T-Shirts and Accessories FTW

I think I’m in love, who ever thinks up Pink Mink Boutique’s designs has got a brilliant sense of humor, from the Princes Bride inspired T-shirt

Inigo 1 Large 01

to the James Bond inspired panties

Galorered 1 Large 01

to the PWND choker

Pwnd Large 01

Keep it up Pink Mink FTW!

2 Responses to “Pink Mink T-Shirts and Accessories FTW”

  1. Here’s a far better version of that Inigo Montoya shirt:

    The nametags are displayed on the left breast, where the pocket would be on a button down.

    I’ve got it in black and it never fails to get at least one compliment every time I wear it :P

  2. karl says:

    Better? Different maybe, besides it was the only way I could write about the PWND choker and pussy galore undies :-)

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