Pillow Fight Club


Another work of genius from Go Ape Shirts, Pillow Fight Club, from the guys that brought us the Boo Boo Walker.

Pillowfightclub Rules

6 Responses to “Pillow Fight Club”

  1. olli says:

    hey, i made this! thanks for blogging.

  2. karl says:

    Good stuff Olli, great idea.

  3. [...] They also do the Pillow Fight T-Shirt which is also worth checking out.           0 Vote Filed under: T-Shirts, Movie T-Shirts   |   Tags: clothing, goapeshirts, starwars, tshirts. [...]

  4. jean says:

    love the pillow fight reference to fight club. great!

  5. Eric Stoller says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting about this shirt. My partner bought it for me in December!


  6. karl says:

    Sweet Eric, that’s a great shirt, I have the boo boo walker shirt so I know their great quality.



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