PETA2 Collaboration T-Shirt from Glamour Kills

A new T-Shirt from Glamour Kills raising awareness for Peta2 and opposing animal testing.

“Peta2 came to us after we won a Libby Award for “Most Animal Friendly Clothing Company”. The theme was “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” so we took that idea and ran with it! We love what the people at Peta2 do and are extremely glad they asked to work with us on this design”.

Peta2 is a youth oriented action group that raises awareness about many issues related to animal cruelty. Check out their site and check them out on Twitter@peta2

5 Responses to “PETA2 Collaboration T-Shirt from Glamour Kills”

  1. Could this sound any more like a paid-for blog post?

    You could at least have the decency to admit that you got paid to shill Peta crap. Doing otherwise is pretty dishonest.

  2. karl says:

    Not sure why you think I was paid for this, never have and never will without full disclosure.

    Oh and BTW If I wanted to shill crap I have that right and you have the choice to enjoy this free content provided to you or not.


  3. Phil says:

    This is a touchy issue and I’m sure people on both sides hold their views strongly.

    I understand this site is about fashion, and often viewpoints can be fashionable, but there are deeper issues here that make this shirt very ugly to me, and if you’ll permit me I’d like to talk about them below.

    I suggest to anyone shopping for this shirt that they take a hard look at the contributions of animal research to our lives. Scientists don’t do this for fun, and it is incredibly difficult to get research approved to work on any animal, even fruit flies and worms. It is extremely expensive and complicated and scientists would much rather use cells or computers, if they could (and scientists, like anyone else, take little pleasure in killing things). But for some, very limited uses, like drug testing, animals are necessary.

    Gone are the days when animal testing was principally for cosmetics. It is now about saving lives, and it is undertaken with a somber attitude and a real effort to limit suffering. Just as importantly, the research produces real results. If you have ever taken medicine, it is because an animal was used to determine it was safe. Today researchers are using animals to find vaccines for AIDS and swine flu. To be fully consistent, you would have to oppose the discovery of these new medicines as well as the methods by which they are found. Some may be prepared to do this, but they should know the world they are wishing for.

    The final issue for me is that the shirt is nakedly manipulative–I don’t believe any species on it was ever used in animal testing. For real honesty there should be cuddly rats and worms and some pigs– species which, I believe, are just as important as the more romantic ones on the shirt. But this confirms my view that PETA and its subsidiaries are more dedicated to their style and image than actually working to better the lives of animals and people.

  4. Matt says:

    Phil, that was incredibly though provoking. I in no way could have said that better. Unfortunately I probably tend toward the more fired-up and often offensive “its crap!” attitude.

  5. Briella says:

    Animal testing is a horrendous unethical thing to do. How on earth you could bear to think that this is okay? its ludacris!! countless animals die every minute because of unethical inhumane animal testing. Its not the fact that it “helps us” its the fact that scientists do it so terribly!! animals don’t have voices. so we have to help them. you’re saying that shoving uneccesaary tubes through noses of caged emacited monkeys is okay? NO! I love this T-shirt and i love PETA

    Testing on animals is JUST like testing on babies!
    the only difference?
    Babies parents have voices.

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