Pet Monster T-shirt From no gun army


This T-shirt is called Pet Monster from a designer in the UK, it’s a great design and really gets across this idea of beauty and the beast. The girl may be small, but she’s cute and totally in charge. From a technical standpoint it’s a great example of what you can do with a two color design :-)


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  1. Matt Grommes says:

    Threadless is blocked here at work or I’d dig up a link but I swear they had a shirt exactly like this.

  2. monstrinho says:

    Hi there,

    I designed this tee and can say that it is NOT copied. they have many lovely tees at threadless and i am jealous of many of the artists’ skills on there, but all my tees are the product of my own mind wanderings.

    also i can’t find the tee that’s meant to be the same. the closest is this one…

    which aint that similar.


  3. karl says:

    Mmm, pretty close. I like no guns army version better for sure.

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