Original 1985 Live Aid T-Shirts On Auction To Benefit Aids Relief In Africa

Live aid

Wow, genuine Live Aid T-shirt from 1985 up for auction, and 75% of the sale price going to Africa Aid. Talk about a long tail of charitable works :-) There are about 20 shirts on offer being sold by Defunkd_vintage

Live aid Letter

You can of course go and buy a American Apparel T-shirt directly from Africa Aid for $20 and feed a refugee child for a year:
Box Tshirt

7 Responses to “Original 1985 Live Aid T-Shirts On Auction To Benefit Aids Relief In Africa”

  1. Joe says:

    I contacted Africa Aid to check to make sure the auction was legit: it is! Because the seller is in Canada, he can’t do the eBay non-profit affiliate thing.

  2. karl says:

    Thanks Joe, I was also a little skeptical but I checked out the Africa Aid web site and it seemed legit. I wonder what a 1985 t-shirt is going to fetch?

  3. Joe says:

    I have no idea… oh, and if anybody is confused by what ‘new old stock’ means, it means that it is an ‘old’ product (what that means varies) that is unused and undamaged.

  4. Jimmy J says:

    Hehe…Joe you sound so surprised…It’s legit – how lame would we have to be to set up a bogus charity…on Easter? eBay’s MissionFish program doesn’t work for sellers based in Canada….why eBay why?! Yes, these are NOS or “deadstock”, produced in 1985, but never sold and stored away…until now.

  5. GAS says:

    how can i buy a Live aid shirt?

  6. Doc says:

    Same as above. How do i get one?

  7. mover, says:

    me too, i,m looking for one and how much?????

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