On this day in history – William Gibson Was Born March 17th 1948

Ok, I could not think of a good T-Shirt for this day in history so I got some of my Twitter friends to make some suggestions. Please submit your own suggestion in the comments or let me know in the comments which t-shirt you think is the best to celebrate the birth of William Gibson, a renowned sci-fi author, and father of the term “cyberspace”. I will be sending a $25 Threadless gift certificate to the person that submits the best one (let me know your twitter name or email [name at service dot com] for me to be able to contact you)

From KinderCore T-Shirts and submitted by ThunderFrogs

From The Affair submitted by stiricide

From TankTheory submitted by teeconnoisseur

From Modern Classic submitted by ModernClassic

From The Affair submitted by stiricide

13 Responses to “On this day in history – William Gibson Was Born March 17th 1948”

  1. bo says:

    that kindercore tee is pretty cool

  2. JaleebCaru says:

    While not quite dead-on Gibson-esq, I think it portrays the theme of synthetic humanity he often captured.

    Robot Makes Peace Crane – http://www.tenbills.com/product_info.php?catego

  3. Ben says:

    I'd have to go with the last picture, the Affair, just for plain awesomeness.
    Lions with crowns turn my crank.

  4. The two from The Affair are easily the best; I know cause I went looking and those are the two I bought. :P

  5. Conan says:

    The second one from stiricide is the most Gibson evocative to me. Makes me think of dub and cyberdecks.

  6. jimbo says:

    modern science ftw!

  7. Edward IX says:

    I like the second from the Affair best.

  8. John says:

    The Affair shirts are really cool designs. Also found some cool designs on http://uphilltees.com

  9. allison says:


    one of the best sci-fi punk novels ever. this is the shirt that gets my vote!

  10. cool tees says:

    I really like that lion king shirt. Also the modern science shirt is a hilarious, the robot reminds me of Bender from Futurama.

    Cool Tees.

  11. the lion t shirt and the affair ones are the design that i like most out of all of them.

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  13. Miranda says:

    word. the Affair one just reeks excellence its so tight!
    love the lion, it reminds me of this one i saw at:
    Kings&Theives tee, its pretty much my top2 right now

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