On Sale from Teefury $5 T-Shirts

Teefury has a $5 t-shirt sale going on for the next 8 hours only!

5 Responses to “On Sale from Teefury $5 T-Shirts”

  1. hehehe, the video is pretty good… The prize is not too shabby either, perfect for a Valentine's present.

  2. HalfEmpty says:

    He forgot to add “it's c- c- catching onnnn”.
    Great deal.

  3. Dutch says:

    That is a ton of t shirts for an 8 hour sale.
    They must get some serious traffic to move all that so quickly.
    I don't know why but the song he is singing makes me wanna go to Subway
    and buy a $5 t shirt.

  4. candace says:

    OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:
    It's all done! :(

  5. nice shirts,it will suits for the teens

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