Not Today Fatty

(click on the t-shirt for the ruder version)

This was sent to me by my very good friend Amanda, author of the wonderfully cynical Amanda is Annoyed, and who surfs the web professionally. It’s from a site called Not Today Fatty and no, it’s not really an elmo t-shirt it’s really a penis, click on the image if your imagination fails you. BTW I do actually want to find this T-Shirt to purchase as I think it would be a great halloween costume. Maybe you could team up with someone wearing this one:

10 Responses to “Not Today Fatty”

  1. Colin says:

    I love the tags on this post.

  2. twoeightnine says:

    This needs to be worn with a sweater. A short sweater. A short sweater that rises up when you lift your arms.

  3. karllong says:

    OMFG I just laughed so hard that milk would have come out of my nose had I been drinking it :)

  4. tom says:

    ZOMFG! I want the Elmo one! :)

  5. That is crazy…you guys are really wrong for that…I had to use my imagination

  6. HalfEmpty says:

    I could see myself wearing that and getting arrested.

  7. HAHAHA both the shirt and the video are brilliant! I'm totally going to have to pull some kind of “t-shirt terrorism” like that on my friends :)

    HalfEmpty: scary thing is I totally can see myself wearing that too :)

  8. Unclaimed says:

    I'd buy the Elmo one immediately!

  9. karllong says:

    Maybe I should actually print this as a t-shirt :)

  10. Ethrad says:

    I 'had' the link for the other shirt shown, but I lost it. Sorry everyone.

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