Nihon Uni Stab Resistant T-Shirt

stab resistant t-shirt

Nihon Uni has developed a t-shirt crafted from “ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber.” Resistant to blades, it’s not so resistant to points so ice picks and arrows are still to be avoided (if you want that you’ll have to get some mithril). Long sleeved versions retail for ¥22,000 ($221) to ¥59,000 ($593), while the way less protective short-sleeved variety will run you between ¥19,000 ($191) and ¥52,000 ($522).

Ironicaly via Slashgear and Engadget and my friend the Madd Finn

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  1. Mike says:

    Still, it leaves your face exposed to stabbing.

  2. Dagonet says:

    This could be interesting for fencers as an alternative to plastrons, I wonder whether they seek FIE-approval.

  3. Micky Mays says:

    Resistance to slicing. You could still get stabbed while wearing this.

  4. [...] enquanto o da de manga longa vai de US$ 221 a US$ 593, conforme o nível de proteção. (Fonte: Os japoneses que nos desculpem, mas, se o assunto é resistência, preferimos a camiseta Desconexo [...]

  5. fromnorway says:

    On the 24 of may 2008 I ordered a longsleeved sweater from the company in Japan. It was quite expensive. It cost about $300, include shipping to Norway. I payed via PayPal.

    Their home page is

    I used to translate the page, and I sent an email to and they answered me in english.
    I got an answer on email from Tetsuya Yoneda ( and he took my order.

    On the 3 of june 2008 I received the cut-resistant sweater, included a few sample textiles, included a CD with information.
    The sweaters arms was a bit to short for me, but it felt nice and cool(in temperature) on my body, and was light enough. I was a little bit thicker than a normal T-shirt.

    I am sorry to say that I am really disappointed about the product. I tried to cut the sample textiles with a scissor, and it cut right through it. I layed the sample textile on a table and cut right trough it with an medium sharp kitchenknife(the kind one uses to cut slices of bread). It was a little bit tougher than an ordinary cloth, but not much.

    I dont recommend the product at all, at least not for protection.

    By the way, the picture on this page is not what the sweater looks like. It looks like a normal sweater, and you cant really see the difference between the sweater from Nihon-Uni and any other normal sweater.

    S. From Norway.

  6. Derek says:

    kool shirt but kinda expensive.

  7. Tshirt kid says:

    Cool looking shirt and pretty unique, not dure if I would pay for it though

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