Nigel’s Skeleton T-Shirt From Spinal Tap – By Found Items Clothing

Nigels t Shirt

Anyone that knows me knows I love Spinal Tap, one of the all time funniest movies of all time, I just never get tired of it. Well Found Item Clothing have created the famous skeleton t-shirt that Nigel Tufnel was wearing during one of the most quoted lines in the movie which is “but these go to eleven” (funnily enough Found Item Clothing’s blog is called that). Luckily Found Item Clothing decided not to slavishly replicate the sleeveless look of the original shirt, which is cool, you can always remove the sleeves yourself if you’re rock and roll enough :-)

Nigel From Spinal tap

BTW the photo is of me and my new Triumph Daytona 955i on a road trip I took just south of San Francisco, route 236 in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Believe it or not I even got some comments on the t-shirt from the very cute waitress at the famous Alice’s Restaurant.

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  2. olli says:

    awesome, this is one of the movie shirts i’ve wanted for a long time. i’m blogging this too!:)

  3. maer says:

    dude, you need to rip the sleeves to be TOTALLY RAWK

  4. e says:

    this is cool but waffo has a great one too!

    not to mention they have it in a bunch of different colors. green, orange, pink…

  5. karl says:

    True enough e, I wrote about the waffo shirt a while ago:

  6. John says:

    I just saw this on eBay! Way Cool!

    Also saw an AWESOME baseball t-shirt that says “One Louder” in script and a close up the knob turned to 11. Only in UK, though, so shipping to the USA is more than the shirt.

    BTW: “It IS green! Do you see the veins on your arm, how they’re blue?”

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