New Type T-Shirt from Graphic Designer Lowman in the Netherlands

This is a new design and new designer out of the Netherlands, I love the treatment and the phrase has a nice ring to it as well.

Also I just implemented a new comment system called Disqus, please try it out and let me know what you think. First commenter gets a Threadless Gift Certificate, and the first commenter to answer this question get one as well (you can’t win both of them). The question is what is the name of the movie this shot is from:

16 Responses to “New Type T-Shirt from Graphic Designer Lowman in the Netherlands”

  1. walarf2 says:

    I comment for the sake of t-shirt
    I like the system tho :)

  2. Teecycle_Tim says:

    First to comment! No clue what that movie is from, though. Good luck, second commenter.

  3. Teecycle_Tim says:

    Dammit, someone snunk in before me. I do like Disqus, though.

  4. karllong says:

    I appreciate that, I certainly think the shirt is “commentable” but you also win a t-shirt as well, just realized I don't get your email when you comment like this though :-( please send it to karl.long at so i can send you a GC

  5. walarf2 says:

    The t-shirt is certainly commentable, I just went into competition mode, and thought I'd come back to comment for real when I had a couple extra seconds.
    I really like the retro feel (yay for typesets that incorporate the pacman C), and the black and white keeps it classy

  6. Bam! says:

    Nine Queens

  7. karllong says:

    Yep, you got it bam!, again email me karl.long at so I can send you a GC. For everyone else this was an amazing Argentinian movie called 9 Queens which is an amazing con movie that was even more complicated than the Sting :-) Highly recommend it.

  8. Bam! says:

    Agreed, Nine Queens is great. Especially the ending.

  9. German Taroco says:

    Nueve Reinas – Nine Queens:

    There's an american version called “Criminal” or something similar.

  10. kellyrock says:

    It's a nice shirt I would like to see how they market it in th U.S.

  11. I have no idea what movie that is from, but not really feeling that tee.

  12. i don't know about the movie…but really nice t-shirts…!

  13. SEOAlaminos says:

    i have some ideas, keep it up for the t-shirt, thanks

  14. I like this sort of T-shirt, simple but elegant. A good designer will make things different. I am running some business that need designer to add artistic touch to my products, maybe we can have some cooperation:)

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