New T-Shirts From Beautiful/Decay

Beautiful/Decay is a unique magazine that pulls stories from a wide array of interesting parts of the art and design world. It describes itself as:

BEAUTIFUL/DECAY documents the convergence of fine art, design, fashion, graffiti and other relevant forms of art; exposing the magazine’s diverse readership to mediums that are not juxtaposed in any other publication

They also have a great line of clothing that reflects their diverse interests in the arts pressing into services some fantastic designers.

Caliph 01

An extraordinary design called Caliph by designer Aaron Noble

and another super cool design called the Giant Hand from designer Jesse LeDoux

Giant Hand 01

2 Responses to “New T-Shirts From Beautiful/Decay”

  1. Jay1 says:

    “Caliph” is pretty cool, what kind of printing technique is it?

    Gimme some more.


  2. Beautiful Decay rules, kinda. I’d wear the “giant hand”, it’s pretty unique.

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