New T-Shirt Company Bruised Bear

covered in frogs

Bruised Bear is a new T-shirt company with a really whimsical and fun aesthetic. Reminds me a bit of Loyal Army, and that can’t be a bad thing. Thankfully the simple design has translated to their web site, I wish more t-shirt companies would make as good a use as these guys have of their front page. Much easier to see what they have for sale. Anyway, check them out, they look like fun stuff and the guys that run it sound very passionate about it. BTW I think the Moist shirt is probably my favorite.

how whale



Oh and thank you guys for the kind words, appreciate it.

“Before anything else, I wanted to thank you, actually. By following
t-shirt blogs like Tcritic and sites like Threadless, Design by
Humans, etc. it really made us believe we could go out there and
follow our dreams. Yea, this is a company, but we started this
because it’s close to our hearts and truly fun. So hopefully, you see
that translated in our designs and general aesthetic.”

BTW 1% of sales goes to save bears, someone needs to tell Colbert :)

10 Responses to “New T-Shirt Company Bruised Bear”

  1. skatimmy737 says:

    I love the raining frogs shirt. Reminds me of Magnolia. Also the moist shirt rocks. Some girl told me that the word moist is the most uncomfortable word to hear for most females. Good on ya!

  2. Scatterbrain says:

    These shirts are awesome! I love their funny random out there designs. My favorite has to be the moist shirt with how whale coming in as a close second. Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!

  3. karl says:

    Thanks guys, yeah these are really fun shirts for sure :) Nice fact about the word moist @skatimmy

  4. I totally dig the watermelon/whale one. Great color for that shirt too. Nice!

  5. drfuzzystix says:

    loving the detail on the frogs shirt and that most one had be cracking up for a while

    did anyone notice the funny little stories they have on the shirt pages on the site?? good stuff!

  6. Peach says:

    Nice collection. Really like these alot.

  7. T-shirt Guy says:

    I’d prefer the Rain of Frogs shirt more as a wall hanging than to have that borne on my chest. Still, it’s a neat little bit of art.

  8. Amazing collection, from all these collection raining frog t-shirt is looking quite cool and even the colour is also attractive and as such this type of design is not seen anywhere.

  9. t-shirt blog guy says:

    not bad!! Another great new company! the frogs look rad!
    please check this link here’s a friend of mines new company too.
    printed on american apparel and free shipping!

  10. SIMONE says:

    t-shirts Animal farm tees. they have FREE SHIPPING! and alot of great stuff. check them out!

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