New T-Shirt Brand – Mythic Clothing and a secret word challenge

Juan de los Muertos

Mythic Clothing is a new clothing brand started veteran t-shirt designer Rocky Davies, who has had designs previously on Threadless and Oddica.

Soul Train
Soul Train

The secret word is a 4 letter word that is related to both of t-shirts and a Mexican holiday.

17 Responses to “New T-Shirt Brand – Mythic Clothing and a secret word challenge”

  1. Wiffler says:


  2. Ben says:

    AHHH man i hope this is right

    it could be:
    Mayo (i dont think so)

    argg this is all i ahve for now ill keep looking :P

  3. Wiffler says:


  4. Ben says:

    DARN i bet ur right
    Uggg i kept thinking muerto isnt 4 letters…

  5. Wiffler says:

    yeah, forget mayo – the secret word is dead.

  6. daniel says:


  7. karl says:

    LOL, Wiffler gets it, it was Dead :-)

  8. Ben says:

    ahhh nice job. these rule, and the heart palpatations are worth it!

  9. daniel says:

    i am mexican and this celebration was on november, the 1st and 2nd. I think what dead isnt the answer because the dead is an act, it is just a moment and the soul is a what survives forever, greetings

  10. Wiffler says:


  11. Wiffler says:

    Thanks, Karl!

  12. Juan de los Muertos…

    Not many t shirt designers go as far as producing a theme that is bigger than the brand but designer Rocky Davies of Mythic Style seems to have taken what to many is a basic garment to become a label with a story that immerses the wearer into t…

  13. Julica says:

    “alma”? soul in spanish

  14. fadi says:

    i think the word is “Mito” which means a MYTH.. ghosts are myths..

  15. fadi says:

    ah crap, wiffer got it

  16. Stacey says:

    I like soul train shirt. It is a original design. I might be dumb but where can I buy it?

  17. karl says:

    no one who reads this blog is dumb :-) you can buy it here

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