New Spreadshirt Beta Site Launch Tomorrow

Spreadshirt, the t-shirt print on demand service will be launching a major redesign on Wednesday. The whole site has been redesigned from the ground up and will be located at (password protected at the moment). (via)

The biggest new feature will be the Spreadshirt Market place which will allow buyers, designers and web site owners work together. For instance if you have a channel to market t-shirts but you’re not a great designer you can become a shop partner and use designs of other designers and share the revenue. Sounds kind of similar to Innertee and ShirtCity both of which allow sharing and republishing of designs and revenue sharing.

simple life
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2 Responses to “New Spreadshirt Beta Site Launch Tomorrow”

  1. nick m says:

    LOL!!! Great tee!

  2. adam says:

    Thanks for covering Karl. The page is up now over at and (EU) and very soon at (US).

    Here are some codes if anyone wants to check it out 46128, 40616, 56903, 12134, 39718, 65445, 72880, 51569, 23016, 69683, 51003, 45018

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