New On T-Shirt War

Some sweet t-shirts have been added to t-shirt war, i really appreciate it, we have almost 200 shirts up there!

Upscale Homeless

From Upscale homeless – Get Right With Elvis… love the girl in this one as well

hermes shoes

Hermes Shoes from masstee (although I can’t find the design?)


A reinterpretation of a classic from Peters Brain Lab

mick jagger T

No it’s not Bruce Lee, it’s Mick Jagger from Burnswell


A whole line dedicated to sending up the sycophantic gap [red] campaign

7 Responses to “New On T-Shirt War”

  1. Dave Conrey says:

    These shirts are lame. as inundated with the GAP shirts as we may be, their purpose is just and the money goes to a very important cause. The guy who created these SUCKE(RED) shirts is riding GAP’s coattail, but what is he doing with his profits? If he donates all proceeds to AIDS research or some other charity, then I’ll support him, but until then, he’s just a cynical bastard.

  2. karl says:

    Hmm, they claim to give 10% of their profits to local AIDS charities and , 10% is ok, but not a big deal really. The Gap shirts on the other hand are giving 50% of the profits to With 50% of the profits from sales of items going to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

    So I take your point, but I still think the shirts are funny :-)

    So go check them out as well at

  3. Mark says:

    I hear Dave’s concerns, but these compaines are spending a fortune on these ads. How much is really getting to the people who need it vs their great rate of return for publicity and sales. (Not mention profits). if they wanted to help they could give much more money to the problem and not just a campaign – -

    I’m all for this shirt!

  4. karl says:

    Very true Mark, I do think though that the sellers of the redgag shirt would do a lot for their credibility if they at least matched the 50% of profits rather than a paltry 10%. That being said the whole issue of “profit” is a very tricky subject, if the gap spends more on marketing than they make on selling that one product, then there is no profit :-) Kind of like actors that sign up for a percentage of the “net” of a movie, they are shit out of luck because there is almost never a “net profit”, always get a percentage of the gross :-)

  5. Mark says:

    true that – true that -

  6. joe says:

    The problem with the whole (RED) thing is that once again we are given the impression that the only solution to poverty is consumption. And not just any old consumption, but buying Armani, Converse and GAP, no less.

    And the thing is that these corporations are not involved out of the goodness of their hearts, but because they see a nice fat dollar out of the end of it. If we put all of their contributions to the (RED) thing together, I wonder if it would amount to anything more than a bit of loose change.

    I like Bono. He is a good guy. But this is a very very bad idea.

    Freedom Clothing Project – home of the most dangerous t-shirts on the internet.

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