New From tDigger – Chairman Meaow

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I was just “digging” around in tDigger and found this great t-shirt from Noisebot. It’s called “the cat says“, I much prefer my own title which is Chairman Meaow, which go along with my other t-shirts that feature Mao. See also RTFM (genius), The Communist Party, and ROFLMAO.

Thanks to everyone who’s supporting tDigger by uploading new t-shirt finds and voting on the t-shirts, I really appreciate it, cheers.

Found on tDigger

4 Responses to “New From tDigger – Chairman Meaow”

  1. Su-Shee says:

    I think the fun is not in “meaow” but in the cat thinking mao – mao/maomao is also the chinese word for cat.

    It’s just a differently spoken tone and a different character than the Mao in Mao Ze Dong. :)

    Mao is máo and the cat is maō.

    And I do love the communist party, too. :)

  2. Philip Shade says:

    just makes me think of the meow game from Super Troopers.

  3. karl says:

    Nice, that movie was awesome, totally stupid, and totally awesome :-)

  4. [...] Of course yesterday i suggested the Noisebot shirt “the cat says” should be called Chairman Meaow, but of course Glarkwear thought of it first, damn them, here it is, the real Chairman Meaow [...]

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